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5000/2500 RICHER

1st March is my lucky day in my life time.I have never got such a shock as this since I was born,the much i have ever picked is 50/= and that is when I was in class 3 the year 1998.Then came stories that one should not pick money because the devils  are dropping notes and coins so as to transfom people to their dominion.I bought that and ever since I have never picked money no matter what because I was so scared of that notion,but with this case it was the opposite,I went a head to………under unavoidable circumstances and i will never regret for that.

It was a Monday morning and as usual I was headed for work.My usual strides as I manned my time too,with my  sister in crime Chieng one by one we went as we charted and laughed.We are always keen while walking and this time round my friend was more keen than I was.She spotted some notes on the pavement and I just didn’t believe what I saw.Back and forward were people,I was tensed,Chieng was tensed too.She told to go pick the money as she reduced her pace but was still going.

I tried  to argue for us to pick the money together but all was in vain.People were now coming closer and I thought we had already lost the cash.I recalled my financial status and that prompted me to pick the notes before anyone could because with me was s0me seventy seven shillings left.I did not hesitate-“KAMA MBAYA NI MBAYA-FOR ANYTHING LET IT BE SO.”That struck my mind because the notes were dropped next to an Indian gate and just didnt like the idea because Chieng said maybe  it is a trap laid for the Indian to get more wealth.We did not check on how much it was as people were all over and with that we could create suspicion or even create attention and find the owner.

At the last turn we had to  count the notes with curiosity as we wished it could be more  than we expected.1,2,3…6 thousand was the cash.”It is 3000 among each!”I exclaimed.We felt  high as we had never had such cash for our own unless it were  fee.I handed 3000 to Chieng but again, I was left with 2000.We were scared as we did not understand what was going on,6000 then 5000,no.It was to turn out to be 2500 each.We were still encouraged as we were still rich though it was funny that we wished it could be more,which never happenned.

We were tensed the whole day as we thought how we could  spend the cash at once so that we have nothing to do with that.Then after we felt some headeche all of a sudden.We thought the money was the cause and so we prayed each of us on our on because we can never be serious come rain come sunshine lest we part,something that We wish never to happen.

We were cool during the day and we  kept on recalling on such a luck that morning.It has never happened that way,and so we had the reason to say thanks be  to God all the time and we asked him to let nothing bad happen to us while we used the money because we were innocent as we did not steal the money.”cha kuokota si cha kuiba”We said.

Evening came and indeed we went to shop,exhausted all we wanted but we still had some cash left.That made us more worried though we were brave and confident that nothing bad was to happen.Thanks be to God as nothing unusuall happened and we continued using the cash for long and can’t just remember when it was exhausted.1st March Monday was the day and it will ever be,Chieng is the girl I will live to remember,long live Chieng,long live!


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With inventions in technology,many of us have had to suffer a great deal by not being ken on the simple things we do with our devices for example mobile phones or when at an ATM machine.

I am not an exception of this as i have encountered this and the eexperince was such a bitter one.It happened one day when i was  having fun with my girls at some favorite joint in town when after  ome time i found several mised calls from my mom and i just didn’t like it  because i didnt know what to do since i had no airtime in my line and i curssed that as i did not imagine leaving the good music in  search of some airtime.

I told my girls whohad drunk theirselves silly but had sence as  they suggested that i should buy some airtime from my M-Pesa account an idea i have never thought of.I scrolled down my phone as i  thought what to tell my mother since she has ever warned me of not picking her calls immediately and moreso she didnt like me hanging out at ight clubs,and she would ensure i am at home by calling late at nigt to wish me a goodnight which was a  trick she would use each day and i knew a way out of this  that sh thouht i was in my hood when i was not.

I tried noisy places to prove to her that i wa  in my room when my next room had loud playing music-i was just in the  washrooms oh!She  would do this to ensure i am in bed by  calling at odd hours and due to her love she would even call twice  in a night before she goes to bed herself.I had already made my transaction and quickly i ran to the washrooms to give  her a  call when a  message from M-Pesa confirmed  that i had bought airtime wort 6000/= and had a alance of 3.80 in my accout.’What the hell!” i screemed.I had requested airtime worth 60/=and i didnt know where the other zero came from.

I messed up  my night  and i just didnt see anything good happening that night because i knew  my girls were a nightmare immediately i tell them what has just transpired.I was to book for an international exam the following day which was the due  day but  then i wondered what to do and what to tell my mother.This was also an issue to  my friends as their jokes would  make me cry that day intead of helping me.Immediatedly  i told them about it they all lloughed and Pinnoh my best  friend started calling me “SONKO”  since i could afford buying 6000/=worth of  airtime with some outstanding balances  back at school for some examination.

I thought of selling the airtime to people but i was stranded where tall those people could come from to make me pay my fee the next day.I was desparate  but never  gave up.I thought of a friend who could  help me instantly and i thank my God he never  fa ile me though  he promised to get the cash,but some time in the course of te day which turned out to be a nighhtmare because i had some deadline to beat.At  that time the world reminded me never to be anxious of what will happen in the next  minute as  my friend James had told me one time at some point when i was so anxious about what was to happen the next day.

I had no power over anything at that time but belive me- PRAYER CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS-Pinoh came smilling and I thought what the exitment was all about.As she  came closer,I saw in her left hand a co-operative bank envelope that she handed it over to me and inside was a bank draft confirming that my acount for exams was updated,meaning she had  booked the exam for me and i was not going to mis any.

I just didn’t thank her enough because  it was a mirac le  to me as she had no claims for me  to pay her back soon and even never m entioned anything  to  do with it and i was suprised as  i knew  at that  point that God ws always with me.I concluded that friendship is very expensive at  times.

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Its a gooday for me today and i have to do alot in my career.I must achieve alot today before sunset.i must work smart and follow instructions in order to achieve my dreams.But oh!I realy love all my Friends.

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